About Us

The Dead Yeast Society is Acadiana’s homebrew club. Our first meeting was held on June 8, 1990 at the home of Brent Miller.

We are a 501(c) non-profit educational group dedicated to teaching others about home brewing processes, ingredients, equipment, taste sampling, critiquing and judging. We strive to show you how to make better beer, and more interesting beer, than you can find on store shelves.

As a guest, you can read over our By-Laws, our Meeting Minutes, and in the future, check out some of our educational videos, tutorials, and Q&A’s on brewing.

As a paid member (only $25 per year for individuals, $35 for families) you get access to our club lending library which includes brewing magazines, books, and equipment; a special Dead Yeast Society social network with updates on who’s brewing, personal brew day calendars, and members-only brewing forums; and you get to participate in club brewing events including festivals and competitions.

Official club meetings are on the first Tuesday of every month (except December) at Marcello’s Wine Market. We also participate in many festivals and home brew competitions throughout the year, and even have a few brew related social outings. Check out our Events Calendar for the latest.

Our annual homebrew competition, the Bataille des Bières, takes place every January. This is a BJCP sanctioned contest, and is part of the Bayou Circuit.

If you need more information, feel free to Contact Us.

Our first public event, DYS Oktoberfest, in November 1990