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April 2017 Minutes of the Dead Yeast Society

Tuesday April 4th, 2017
Marcello’s Wine Market
Lafayette, Louisiana

Pre-Meeting Brew Sampling

  • Batailles des Bières entry — Kölsch – Best of Show
  • Batailles des Bières entry — American Amber Ale
  • Batailles des Bières entry — Belgian Bock
  • Batailles des Bières entry — American IPA
  • Batailles des Bières entry — American Brown
  • Art Beatmann — Belgian Strong
  • Cajun Brewing — Freetown Helles

6:01 — Call to Order – Gene

6:02 — Batalille de Bières – Jimmy

About 50 beers, 9 tables, more judges than last year, 2 national judges
Venue – green room – a bit smokey.
Competition was not a money maker, but sponsors would make the event profitable.
Reminder of tax deductible donations for sponsors.
Potential for People’s Choice Award competition
Could charge more for entries, increase categories.
Food, venue, beer & awards as expenses.
Should have sponsor banner
Look into non-restaurant spaces – Rouses, Nunu’s
Brew Demonstrations might be a possibility

6:21 — Important Brew Dates – Jimmy

April 22nd 10am for:
Gulf Brew – July 22nd – Saturday

6:24 — Grain Buy – James

Is in today, 22 sacks ordered. Shipping was about $2.65 ea/sack.

6:30 — Budget Meeting – TBD

6:32 — Cajun Wit Clone attempt – Jim B.

Style 24A – Belgian Wit
‘Carencro Wit’ – Homebrew version
Carbon filtered local water
11.5gal batch
Volume was less than expected, probably due to rice hull absorption
1.037 specific gravity – pre-boil – target was 1.043, added dry malt extract to compensate
Gene recommended sometime you need to take refractometer readings and stop mashing when you reach target.
Should be ready in about a month

6:45 — Adjourn

Post-Meeting Brew Sampling

  • St. Arnold – White Noise Dry Hopped Belgian Wit
  • New Belgium – Whizbang – Mosaic Hoppy Blonde Ale
  • New Belgium – Voodoo Ranger – IPA
  • Sierra Nevada – Tropical Torpedo – Tropical IPA
  • Brooklyn – Bel Air Sour
  • New Belgium – Clutch – Wood Aged Imperial Sour Stout – Lips of Faith Series

Brew Notes

Galaxy or Mosaic hops for tropical fruit flavor in shandy
Citra – great for dry hopping

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