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Equipment for Sale!

My wife and I are downsizing and I am interested in letting go of brewing equipment I have collected over the last 25 years.

I have cut the price shown to 50% or best offer.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the equipment listed, please contact me at:

Happy Brewing,
Nick Long

Refurbished and sanitized Kegs with Pin-Lock fittings

Fermenting, Transfer & Bottling

Fermentap System

Eliminate siphoning, dump trub, harvest yeast – all from your existing carboy!

The Fermentap is a system for fermenting carboys in an inverted, vertical position which uses the conical-shaped neck found in all carboys to help concentrate sediment at the lowest point. This method allows the user to remove any trub, harvest yeast, and ensure a clearer beer.

Since you can remove your yeast and trub from your primary carboy, there is no need to transfer to a secondary vessel. Less to clean, less to transfer, less chance of contamination!

You will need to dump out trub and yeast in the first two days of your fermentation, and every three to four days after that. If left unattended, the sediment will compact and can clog the bottom valve. After each dump use a spray bottle of sanitizer and the built in sanitizing port to leave valve clean and sanitized.

Does not include racking cane or carboy as pictured above.

MoreBeer! recommends using their stainless racking canes, R373 or R374, over acrylic ones that may break over time.

Hopping & Chilling


10-Gallon Electric Brewery

  • RIMS heater
  • Mash Tun
  • Boiling Pot
  • 220 Volts – 50 AMPs heating
  • 110 volts for each of two sealed magnetic drive pumps
  • Manual Controls for heating mash water and for boiling the wort
  • Wort is circulated through the RIMS heater to control mash temperature
  • Steel cart is on casters so that one person can move it easily.
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