Three 20 gallon pots on a stainless table, with valves, fittings, tubing, 2 pumps, an electric control panel and a stainless conical fermenter.


Adrien Monteleone
Tony Myer's Brewdio


Tony Myer's Brewdio
1028 Hugh Wallis Road South

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Jun 08 2019


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


For members and their guests only, this is a private residence.

American Amber Brew-In

Our first club brew-in! (well, perhaps in a long time) We’re going to be breaking in Tony Myers’ new eHERMS system from Spike Brewing with a classic American Amber. If all turns out well, this will be served at Gulf Brew.

This is a very interesting system to learn to use, and will be a good demonstration of 3-pot brewing systems. We’ve just done a water analysis using Tony’s new kit and will be treating our mash and sparge water accordingly to style. Finally, this will be our 2nd trial of the “Vitality Starter” method for yeast that we discussed at the June meeting.

If you’d like to help/learn to brew with this method, please arrive early – about 8 a.m. We’ll do a walk-through of the eHERMS process and make sure we have all needed supplies and equipment ready and then get started about 9 a.m. Since this is a private residence, if you need the address, please call or e-mail Adrien, Jim or Tony for info. The brew will happen in Tony’s ‘Brewdio’ at the back of his property. (walk around the right side of the house to the building in the back)

Maillard Amber (American Amber Ale)

Our dry-hopped version of a traditional American Amber Ale, malty, and hoppy, it’s a brew you won’t want to put down.

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Malts:Maris Otter, Crystal 40, Crystal 120, Victory, Munich 10, Chocolate Malt
Hops:Horizon, Cascade, Centennial
Yeast:WLP001 - California Ale
Beer Number:
Availability:Gulf Brew 2019
Additional Notes

Club Brew on Tony Myer's brand new 15 gallon eHERMS Spike Brewing System — practically a pro-brewer's pilot setup. This was our inaugural club 'Brew In' held in early June.

Recipe adaptation by Jim Boudreaux. Brewed by Ed Anderson, Mark & Jim Boudreaux, Adrien Monteleone & Tony Myers.

The event is finished.

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