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Avatar photoMont Y. Märzen

Alas, GulfBrew 2020 didn’t happen, but here’s what we pulled off for 2021:

1. Get everything ready 1 month in advance
??? (don’t remember, probably not)

2. Possibly account for lower attendance and request 2-3 gallon kegs instead of sixtles.
DONE – This worked out great. We had some larger kegs, but this kept beer flowing and the Fest doesn’t really care since we’re offering lots of styles.

3. Finish re-configuring coffin with versitile taps, preferably all ball-lock with pin and Sanke converters as needed
DONE – Thanks Zeke! (He rebuilt the coffin and added a more stable base, then dressed it all up with used barrel staves) We now have 8 taps instead of 6, we can swap ball/pin connectors easily with swivel connectors (no longer fixed) and we have 2 Sanke adapters that can float to any tap.

4. Add Nitro option
DONE – we now have a nitro tank and regulator with proper lines that can be served on the two new ‘stout’ style taps. (the spigots are changeable for when not using nitro)

5. Label the lines themsevles at the tap points
DONE – I’m pretty sure, but will double check, they are labeled A-G then each keg in the line up will be 1,2,3, etc.

6. Use waterproof tags, or equivalent for kegs
7. Determine Flight Deck 3 weeks in advance for publishing in Brew Book by ACA
We got close enough on this, but need to do better in 2022.

8. Better posters/graphics for each beer and untappd checkins.
Decent enough, though we didn’t have time for untappd – need to work on this.

9. Educational posters/banners for SRM, RBR, IBU, ABV, etc.
10. Beer signs should highlight flavor profile and make it more prominent to name, less emphasis on spec numbers
DONE – new template design does this, but we need this info from brewers, or we have to taste the beer sooner. (we sampled a week before to order the beers and define the profiles)

11. Design beer signs for letter size.
DONE – bigger is better, but letter is easier and we can use cheap page protectors.

12. Design hanging beer sign option with larger signs
13. Promo DYS presence, especially the demo on media
14. Club needs to buy dump/drain buckets for coffin and ice well
15. Club needs to buy extra wells for Flights 2&3 instead of using trash boxes.
16. Make sure to split pouring tables on each side of coffin so coffin is displayed well.
17. Need a back table (4 total)
18. Buy a clip board and set of chalk markers
ACA now makes our chalk signs for us, don’t remember what the clipboard was for.

19. Need ‘tap lane labels’ hanging for us to see.
20. Get the taps and lanes coordinated properly
21. Club needs to buy a 100ft 20A cord with power strip and 100ft hose for demos.
22. Individual regulators per line would be nice since some beers are over-carbed.
23. Need sign about not being able to buy homebrew – one off recipes.
24. Need homebrew outside at demo with a branded jockey box
PARTIAL – We now make a point to brew the demo beer in advance, we served our Dunkel while brewing it, but we could use a Jockey Box instead of party taps for a more professional presence.

25. Need a committee for logistics before AND AFTER.
HELP! We had a few volunteers, but didn’t get to hold meetings like we wanted to.