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Avatar photoMont Y. Märzen

TODO for GulfBrew 2022:
*note, some of this stuff require purchases, we need to cost and approve these at a Board Meeting.

Planning & Promo:

  • Need a committee for logistics before AND AFTER.
  • Be ready 1 month in advance
  • Determine Flight Deck 3+ weeks in advance for publishing in Brew Book by ACA
  • Set up untappd checkins with QR codes when submit list to ACA.
  • Create menu lineup on website & link from facebook
  • Add beer profile info as a requirement when submitting beer, or meet early enough to add this to signs.
  • Promo DYS presence, especially the demo on media – need to submit to community calendars (should do this for all meetings and events)

Kegs & Serving:

  • Use waterproof tags, or equivalent for kegs
  • Club needs to buy dump/drain buckets for coffin and ice well, 5gal would be fine.
  • Club needs to buy extra wells for Flights 2&3 instead of using trash boxes. (Perhaps trash cans? 5gal buckets are a tad too narrow) Trash boxes are a mess.
  • Make sure to split pouring tables on each side of coffin so coffin is displayed well. We need to make sure we have room for this, we still didn’t do this in 2021.
  • Main tent needs 4-5 tables: 2 for serving, 1 for coffin, 1 for tools and other items.(merch?)
  • In addition to one server per lane (8 total) we need 1 or 2 people pouring pitchers and 1 or 2 people handling merch.
  • Need Venmo and/or other means for merch payment as most people don’t seem to like PayPal. (even using just a credit card)
  • Need QR code for merch payments.
  • Get the taps and lanes coordinated properly! Same order as on the coffin to keep things easy.
  • Individual regulators per line would be nice since some beers are over-carbed. (we’d need a mounting board and hanging system for it when we make this upgrade)


  • Need a branded jockey box for the demo brew(s) and this will also be useful for smaller festivals. 2 tap minimum, but 4 would be better.
  • Club needs to buy a 100ft 15A cord with power strip and 100ft hose for demos. (may have to do 2 50’s each, a reel for each would be nice)
  • Demo needs 3-4 people: 1 for brewing, 1 for chatting & explaining, 1 or 2 for serving
  • Demo tent needs 2 tables: 1 for serving, 1 for tools, utensils, etc. (maybe a 3rd for sample grains, hops, et cetera?)
  • Need a small fire extinguisher on hand at demo.
  • Ideally, build out a club loaner system and use that for the demo so prospective members have something to get started with and they can see it in action.


  • Educational posters/banners for SRM, RBR, IBU, ABV, etc. – we need to design and order this from Pixus or other printer.
  • Design overhead hanging beer sign option with larger signs – so people can see them before walking up.
  • Need ‘tap lane labels’ hanging for us to see. Those are both hanging on the table and above our heads.
  • Need sign about not being able to buy homebrew – join the club! (from Pixus with a QR code to the website &/or facebook)
  • Add grommets 1/3 of the way in for both 10ft banners, get zip ties or other mechanism to secure them to tent poles
  • Get clips (preferably clear) to keep table cloths attached to tables top and bottom
  • Have a loop sewn into the bottoms of the table cloths to put a weighted collapsible pole to keep table cloth hanging straight. Maybe rig an eyebolt or other means to tie them together at the ends and/or to table legs.