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      Avatar photoMont Y. Märzen

      For the past year+, we’ve been alternating our meetings between Cafè 20.3 and World of Beer along with our new Mid-Month Socials. Unfortunately, Cafè 20.3 has been struggling with staffing issues, and has been occasionally closing early. As a result, we moved our meetings to World of Beer, and were going to hold our Socials at Cafè 20.3. We’ve now been informed, that until further notice, they will be closing at 2pm every day. Thus, we need a new place to hold the Socials.

      Please chime in with suggestions.

      Ideally, locations should have a reasonable beer selection, preferably Louisiana brews, and food. (and bonus for letting us bring in our own Homebrew for sampling)

      After we get a good working list, we can start a rotation each month to try them out.

      Also, the day of the week we meet might change accordingly, as some locations have beer specials on Wednesday or Thursday, etc.

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      Jim Boudreaux

      The Wurst Biergarten. We should at least give it a try. We know they have good beer!

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      Avatar photoMont Y. Märzen

      Bon Temps Grill — While their food isn’t cheap, it is superbly delicious and some apps are fairly sizeable. On Wednesdays they offer $3 Louisiana Craft beer, draft and bottle. (all day) Selection isn’t huge, but they carry about 4–6+ LA beers and the price is nice.

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      Mark Boudreaux

      Maybe The Tap Room

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      Avatar photoMont Y. Märzen

      As an update, we’ve visited the following since this was posted:

      Caffé Cottage
      The Tap Room
      Pizza Artista
      BJ’s Brewhouse
      World of Beer

      All were reasonably good places for a Social and will stay in rotation.

      We’ll likely try The Wurst Biergarten next.

      We need more suggestions!

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      Avatar photoMont Y. Märzen

      A few more options that are known to have *some* half-decent beer options:

      • The Grouse Room
      • Jefferson St. Pub – but they are only open Friday & Saturday evenings.
      • The Bulldog
      • Corner Bar (Johnston St. location)
      • Central Pizza (we’ve gone here for dinner after a meeting)
      • Walk-Ons
      • Buffalo Wild Wings
      • Max’s Pool Hall
      • Grub Burger Bar

      We still need to scout these unless ya’ll’ve been there:

      • Pour
      • Pogie’s Pour House (Carencro, might be too far out)
      • Mid-City Smokehouse
      • Mandez’s Seafood Bar & Grill (Doucet behind Stan’s)
      • Green Oaks Lounge (Guilbeau)
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      Jim Boudreaux

      We’ve gone to Caffé Cottage in the past. I feel that for this month’s (July 2022) social, it would a good choice. As president of the DYS, I am inclined to go with it for this month (July ’22).

      Why Caffé Cottage? It’s amenable to a social gathering, has some good brews, and we are not disturbed by music that for the most part, we don’t care to hear. Good “pub food,” inexpensive, with minimal distractions. Also, it is located in an area other than the south side of Lafayette. Yes, I realize the south side is “where it’s at” and “where the action is” but I think occasionally, we should go elsewhere. Not everyone lives on the south side of Lafayette.

      I’ll put up a Facebook posting that says the location is not “official” yet and put an “official” posting up tomorrow. Social is late afternoon Thursday July 22.

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      Jim Boudreaux

      I reached out to the club about the July Social and only one person, Ed Anderson, responded. Ed recommended the NORTH LAFAYETTE location of Buffalo Wild Wings. So that’s where we will have the July social.

      Buffalo Wild Wings
      2804 NE Evangeline Thruway
      Lafayette, LA 70507

      Looking forward to seeing you!

      Jim Boudreaux
      President, DYS

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