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July 2017 Minutes of the Dead Yeast Society

Tuesday July 11th, 2017
Marcello’s Wine Market
Lafayette, Louisiana

*meeting rescheduled from July 4th due to holiday

Attendance (23)

Pre-Meeting Brew Sampling

  • Directional Brewing – Blonde ale, 2.8%
  • Directional Brewing – Grisette w/White Oak, 3%
  • Directional Brewing – Tart Saison, 1 year

6:00 — Call to Order – Tim

6:00 — Bataille des Bières – Gene

Tentatively set for 3rd Saturday in January 2018 (20th)
Notice should be sent by early November at latest for brewing lead time
Let Jim or Tim know about desired styles for entries
Venue is still TBD, Green Room needs to confirm if they have permit slots available
Red Rice club will likely move their competition, about 6 styles to March if DYS holds theirs in January.

6:05 — Gulf Brew – Tim

Saturday July 22nd, fundraiser for ACA

Call for beer

who, what style, quantity
Will post again on Facebook site, but so far no commitments

Volunteered in Person: (60 gallons, possibly 80)

Nick Best – appx 45 gallons total, 5 gallons certain, Pilsner and other various brews
Tim – 5 gallons, Pilsner
Jim & Mark Boudreaux – 5 gallons, Blonde Ale
Lawrence – 5 gallons, IPA
Ben Soileau – possible 5 gallons, Bock
Left over from last year – possible 15 gallons, Sour
Nick Best – 20lbs+ CO2
Tim – CO2 (for his brew)

Will meet week or few days before event to taste and ensure carbonation

Call for Volunteers

estimated 15 free bracelets from Gwen Richard

Volunteered in person: (11)

Byners Tatford
Donald Guidry
Ben Soileau
Taylor Dorn
Mark Boudreaux
Jim Boudreaux
Brian Shipley
Adrien Monteleone
Ray Lear
Nick Best

Tim will brew on-site demo 10-20 gallons.
Someone needs to find club banner, and bring Irish Coffin (should be in Gene’s storage)
Will meet 10am at Marcello’s to gather brew and transport to event.

Post-Meeting Brew Sampling

untappd links to be posted soon

  • NOLA – Brown Ale
  • Carson’s – Brown Cow Brown Ale
  • Abita – Amber
  • Parish – South Coast Amber Ale
  • Bell’s – American Amber Ale
  • Carson’s – Vanilla Brown Cow Brown Ale
  • Eel River – Raven’s Eye Imperial Stout

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