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June 2019 Minutes of the Dead Yeast Society

Tuesday June 4th, 2019
Marcello’s Wine Market
Lafayette, Louisiana

Attendance (24)


  • Jim B. President
  • Powell Vice-President
  • Kent Treasurer
  • Tim Sergeant-at-Arms
  • Adrien Secretary
  • Tony Librarian-Quartermaster

Charter Members

  • James
  • Gene


  • Mark
  • Austin
  • Art
  • Jeff
  • Brian S.
  • Troy
  • Jonathan
  • Molly
  • John
  • Jessica
  • Ben D.
  • Cory
  • Ed


  • Rainey
  • Colin
  • Maegan Smith

Pre-Meeting Brew Sampling

  • Ben D. & Rainey: Juniper Mead
  • Ben D. & Rainey: Whiskey Barrel Mead
  • James: Brett Saison

6:00 — Call to Order – Tim

6:00 — Welcome & Agenda Overview – Jim B.

6:01 — Anniversary Brew-In – Jim B.

June 8th will be the 29th anniversary of the formation of the Dead Yeast Society.
We will brew an American Amber at Tony Myer’s brewdio on his new eHERMS system, which will be served at Gulf Brew.
Tony was recently gifted a free RO filtration system, but it will not be up and running for this brew.
Tony also has a 15 gallon conical for fermentation.
We will be doing a trial of the ‘Vitality Starter’ method to be described later by Adrien.

6:04 — Vitality vs. Viability Starters – Adrien

Adrien described a shortcut method to making yeast starters that he discovered from the BrewFiles podcast of Experimental Brewing. (Nov 13, 2018 episode 49) In the podcast, the host referenced a “shaken not stirred” method of yeast starters made on brew day, rather than a week or more before. (stir plates can still be used, but aren’t critically necessary) This process is backed up by a 9-part xBeeriment series on Brü concerning yeast pitching rates and methods.

The Brülosophy site doesn’t make it easy to find all nine parts of the series, and the individual articles don’t all link to each other, so they are included here below for reference. Each lists the variable tested, the style used, the OG of the brews, followed by a series of numbers: # of tasters on panel | significant # of tasters needed | actual # of tasters answering correctly.

  1. Vial vs. Starter — West Coast Amber — 1.063 — 20 | 11 | 9
  2. Viable Cell Count vs. Vitality — IPA — 1.075 — 17 | 10 | 6
  3. Ale vs. Lager — Kölsch — 1.047 — 30 | 16 | 15
  4. Vitality Starter vs. Viability Starter — Budvar — 1.054 — 29 | 15 | 7
  5. Under Pitch vs. Over Pitch — Festbier — 1.056 — 15 | 9 | 5
  6. Starter vs. Dry Yeast Re-hydration — Pale Ale — 1.046 — 25 | 13 | 6
  7. Straight Pitch vs. Starter — Russian Imperial Stout — 1.108 — 22 | 12 | 10
  8. Straight Pitch vs. Starter — Belgian Ale — 1.084 — 20 | 11 | 8
  9. Yeast Cake vs. Yeast Starter — Pale Lager — 1.050 — 25 | 13 | 16

6:17 — Sensory Analysis – Jim B.

Jim added diacetyl (which imparts a “buttered popcorn” flavor and aroma) to Michelob Ultra. (because it is as close to water while still being officially a beer) We sampled and experienced the effect, and discussed the likely causes of diacetyl production and how to prevent it.

The following articles discuss the topic further:

6:25 — SMaSH Competition – Powell

We sampled several beers made using the Single Malt and Single Hop process (SMaSH) and then voted our preference for each beer. (you could indicate a preference for more than one brew)

Jim, Mark, AdrienKölschPilsnerHallertau8
JohnPale AleMaris OtterColumbus1
TimPale AlePale AleEl Dorado11
CoryPale AleGolden PromiseMosaic13
AustinPale AleRyeCitra9

6:56 — Gulf Brew – Adrien

We discussed improvements approved at the budget meeting to the Irish Coffin. James said he’d contact Zeke to find out if he still wants to do the actual work on it. We’ll be repainting, adding our new logo, and adding 2 taps. (at least one with a Sanke fitting, and a stout faucet)

Tim lost his Gulf Brew contacts, but Jim has already spoken to the organizer.

Adrien made a second call for beer donation commitments:

DYS Club Brew
(James, Jeff & Adrien)
English Golden5
DYS Club Brew
(Tony, Jim, Mark, Adrien, Ed)
American Amber10
Boudreaux Bros.
(Jim & Mark)
Boudreaux Bros.
(Jim & Mark)
Austin & J-RoCitra IPA5
Austin & J-RoChocolate Milk Stout5
JamesOatmeal Stout (planned)5
PowellEnglish Pale5
Ben D. & RaineyEarl Grey Mead5
Maris Pale Ale5
Honey Ale
(with jalapeños and limes)
Kent & Nick B.Honey Blonde5
Bearded Pelican
Cherry Lambic10
Bearded Pelican
Pale Ale
(El Dorado)
Bearded Pelican
Acadiana Beer Nutz
(Jeff, Adrien, Tyler, Brian S.)
(Citra & Sorachi Ace)
Acadiana Beer Nutz
(Jeff, Adrien, Tyler, Brian S.)
California Common5
Acadiana Beer Nutz
(Jeff, Adrien, Tyler, Brian S.)
Irish Red Ale5
Acadiana Beer Nutz
(Jeff, Adrien, Tyler, Brian S.)
Vienna Ale
(with 4 chilis)

125 gallons have been committed so far.

If you have volunteered to donate beer, please fill out our Gulf Brew Entry form so we can have signage made for your brew(s).

7:10 — Adjourn

Post-Meeting Brew Sampling


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