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May 2018 Minutes of the Dead Yeast Society

Tuesday May 1st, 2018
Marcello’s Wines & Spirits
Lafayette, Louisiana

Attendance (13)


  • Gene President
  • Jim B. Vice-President
  • Kent Treasurer
  • Tim Sergeant at Arms
  • Adrien Secretary


  • Jimmy
  • Art
  • Jeff
  • Tony
  • Don


  • +3

Pre-Meeting Brew Sampling

Bayou Teche was kind enough to hand deliver two of their new brews for us to sample:

6:00 — Call to Order – Tim

6:01 — Call for New Business – Gene

6:02 — Fault Tasting – Jim B.

Jim brought several bottles of a five year old amber ale homebrew that was left in his cabinet.
Everyone tasted a sample and offered their flavor notes and guesses as to the problem.
Jim noted the beer likely suffered from oxidation at some point.[1]
Flavors and aromas noted by members included:

  • Cherry
  • Tart powder (like Sweet Tarts)
  • Slightly Sweet
  • Caramel

6:10 — Battalies des Bières 2019 Pre-Planning – Jim B.

No attendance!
We should probably try to have them directly after the competition, same day. Jimmy noted that we had plenty of time and Jim B. was well organized. We should be able to pull this off for 2019.

Tim advises The Green Room should be interested in hosting again.

We had 41 entries! (limit was 50)
Jim feels that walk-in entries need to be handled better or hold to a cutoff date. It is quit hectic to try and processes entries the day of the contest.

Tentatively Saturday January 19th, 2019.
Deadline for entries tentatively Saturday January 5th, 2019. (2 weeks prior)

Adrien inquired about a tasting or brew demo as part of the event. Tim advised it might be possible, but depends on permits available to the hosting location. (special events are limited to 1 per month per Louisiana ATC)

2018 had 5 Main categories with 10 sub-Categories.
We should likely drop the 21B – Specialty IPA: Belgian because we only had 2 entries. Any special categories should reflect something people are likely to be interested in brewing.
Entry count from 2018 in { }

  • 11 – British Bitter {8}
    • 11A – British Ordinary Bitter
    • 11B – British Best Bitter
    • 11C – British Strong Bitter
  • 19 – Amber & Brown American Beer {15}
    • 19A – American Amber Ale
    • 19B – California Common
    • 19C – American Brown Ale
  • 21 – IPA {2}
    • 21B – Specialty IPA: Belgian
  • 24 – Belgian Ale {6}
    • 24A – Witbier
    • 24B – Belgian Pale Ale
  • 25 – Strong Belgian Ale {10}
    • 25A – Belgian Blond Ale
    • 25B – Saison
    • 25C – Belgian Golden Strong Ale

6:22 — Tasting Classes – Jim B.

Jim noted that he could try to work the tastings into meetings, but Gene thought it best to have this as a separate event.
Tony volunteered his man cave to host a tasting event.
Jim will go ahead and order a small set of tasting chemicals.

6:27 — Board Meeting – Jim B.

We need to have our annual board meeting for budgeting.
Gene noted we can have it at the brewery as long as we don’t bring in any homebrew. (last year’s meeting was held at Mellow Mushroom)

6:35 — Gulf Brew – Tim

Will be held in late July. (later confirmed as Saturday July 28th, 2019 @ 6pm)

Blackham Coliseum, Lafayette, Louisiana

Tim noted that fruity and sour styles will likely be popular with the ladies. These are also popular summer styles as of late.

Call for Brews
Tim advised we need at least 60 gallons (12 corny kegs)
Commitments offered: (minimum 55 gallons so far)

  • 20 gallons – Bearded Pelican Brewing (Tim)
  • 15-20 gallons – Jimmy
  • 10 gallons – Jim & Mark B.
  • 10-20 gallons – Acadiana Beer Nutz (Adrien, Jeff, Tyler & Brian S.)

6:45 — Iron Brewer – Jimmy

People’s Choice draft contest.
Sponsored by Brasseurs homebrew club as a charity event for Food Bank.
Entry at the door in cash, or bring a canned good.
The Dead Yeast Society is bringing two brews:

  • Oreo Pumpkin Imperial Stout
  • Milk Stout

Saturday May 19th, 2pm-10pm

Mockler Beverage Distributors, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

6:53 — Adjourn

Post Meeting Brew Sampling


[1]: Several members commented that while the brew likely wasn’t to ‘style’ and had unwanted flavors and aromas, it was still pleasant to drink.
[2]: This event was later cancelled due to ‘unknown influence’ upon the host establishment.

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