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May 2019 Minutes of the Dead Yeast Society

Tuesday May 7th, 2019
Marcello’s Wine Market
Lafayette, Louisiana

Attendance (22)


  • Jim B. President
  • Kent Treasurer
  • Tim Sergeant-at-Arms
  • Adrien Secretary
  • Tony Librarian-Quartermaster

Charter Members

  • James
  • Gene


  • Jimmy
  • Austin
  • Art
  • Jeff
  • Ben S.
  • Jonathan
  • John
  • Jessica
  • Ted
  • Ben D.
  • Cory
  • Ed


  • Brady McKellar
  • Maegan Smith
  • Nick Long

Pre-Meeting Brew Sampling

  • Pelican Brewing (Tim): Pineapple IPA
  • Jim B.: British Bitter from Old Rail Brewery
  • Art: Milk Stout
  • Jonathan: Thin Mint Stout (with cookies!)

6:00 — Call to Order – Tim

6:00 — Welcome & Agenda Overview – Jim B.

6:01 — BrewHaHa – Brady McKellar

Brady gave us a quick overview of the event at Vermilionville this weekend, made another call for brewers to bring samples, and answered our questions about logistics. The even with details is posted on our website and on our DYS facebook page.

6:10 — Treasurer’s Report – Kent

Kent indicated he still needs some Board Member signatures to complete the PayPal setup so we can start taking payments online. (we currently can only accept funds sent to He is still missing signatures for Jimmy and Zeke. (James noted perhaps he can arrange this with Zeke electronically, or have Cindy sign for him)

6:15 — Website Update — Adrien

Adrien reviewed the current state of the website and progress on several features.
The Events calendar is now active with several upcoming items already posted. Events include links to purchase tickets if any, ability to contact organizers, venue info, agendas, countdown clocks, sharing buttons, and iCal and Google Calendar integration.
Paid club members will be given accounts soon and will have posting privileges along with access to some members-only areas such as forums, sharing club, a social network, and the club library.

6:17 — Events — Jim B.

Jim recapped that our National Homebrew Day demo was cancelled on Friday afternoon due to threat of severe weather. (which never materialized)

Jim also announced the upcoming club Brew-In at Tony Myer’s brewdio on June 8th. (second Saturday in June)
This will be a celebration of the anniversary of the founding of DYS. We’ll brew 15 gallons of 19A—American Amber Ale on Tony’s new eHERMS system, 10 gallons of which will be served at Gulf Brew.

6:20 — Gulf Brew – Tim

We discussed demos for the event.
Tim will not be doing a demo this year.
John Paul committed to a traditional 3-pot demo.
BeerNutz offered to demo a BIAB setup.
Austin suggested we coordinate the demo with other clubs.

Tony suggested a video presentation on a loop with handouts and to make the demo neewby friendly with mirrors so more people can see inside the kettles.

Tim made a call for beer donation commitments:

  • Austin — 5 gallons
  • J-Ro — 5 gallons
  • Jim B. — 5 gallons
  • Mark — 5 gallons
  • John — 5–10 gallons
  • Art — 5 gallons
  • Kent & Nick B. — 5 gallons
  • Ben D. — 7 gallons
  • BeerNutz (Adrien, Jeff, Brian S., Tyler) — 20 gallons
  • Tim — 20 gallons
  • Club Brews — 10–15 gallons

Total pledged gallons so far: 92–102 of approximately 18 different brews, including mead (in 2018 we brought 105 gallons and served 85)

6:40 — New Members! – Jim B.

Jim asked our new members, Ed Anderson, Cory Anastasi, & Ben Deshotels to introduce themselves.
Nick Long, an experienced homebrewer who has been in several clubs in Louisiana (Crescent City in NOLA, Red Stick Brewmasters in Baton Rouge, and Mystic Krewe of Brew on the Northshore) is moving out of state and downsizing. He’s selling off all of his equipment, and donated his library to DYS. His equipment list will be posted soon on the DYS website and our facebook page.

6:50 — Craftathon Review & Brew Demos — Adrien

Adrien reviewed the Acadiana Beer Nutz participation in last week’s Craftathon festival in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. We served next to Chris Humble of Directional Brewing, and Loup Garou brewing.
Adrien, Jeff Dubois, Tyler Oliva, and Brian Shipley represented Dead Yeast at the event.
Beers served were:

  • St. Catherine — White Russian ‘white’ Stout – a SMaSH wheat ale with oats, chocolate chips and coffee beans.
  • Smokey Hidalgo — Vienna SMaSH Ale with roasted and smoked chili peppers

Both beers received good reviews but Smokey Hidalgo was the most impressive for the crowd, we nearly floated the keg!

It was estimated there were about 600–700 people in attendance. It is an outdoor festival similar to Gulf Brew with live bands, free food, craft breweries and homebrewers. Urban South graciously cooked about 1 ton of crawfish for everyone.

We also discussed the need for contingency plans for brew demo days. Either we need a rain/shine location, or have a backup plan. Possibilities include The Würst Biergarten, or a city park with a covered patio area. A location with a warehouse style roll-up door would work well also. (in hind-sight, the tent we had available to us had side-walls we forgot about, so we might have still pulled off the demo even with poor weather)

6:55 — SMaSH Brewing – Adrien

Adrien briefly described the SMaSH (Single Malt and Single Hop) brewing process, some advantages and what you can learn from it, particularly, how a malt tastes in the final product, the full flavors of hops used, and testing the flavors, aroma and esters produced by different yeasts.

While there are some limitations, a vast majority of BJCP styles can be brewed with this method, and adding just a second malt and/or hop will allow you to brew nearly every style. (no need for complicated recipes)

Only certain malts with high diastatic power are able to self-convert and thus are suitable to SMaSH brewing. The lower limit is a DP of 30˚L (degress Lintner) with an alpha amylase enzyme content of 35%.

A full chart of possible base malts that can be used in a SMaSH beer will be posted on the website soon and will be linked here.

7:10 — Sensory Analysis – Jim B.

Jim added acetaldehyde (which imparts a “green apple” flavor and aroma) to Michelob Ultra. (because it is as close to water while still being officially a beer) We sampled and experienced the effect, and discussed the likely causes of its production and how to prevent it.

Acetaldehyde can result from either pulling the beer off the yeast too early, (as it is the first thing formed by the yeast before ethanol) or leaving the beer on the yeast too long. (the pressure of the beer can cause the dormant yeast cells to burst, releasing the compound)

These articles cover other causes and how to prevent them:

7:17 — Adjourn

Post-Meeting Brew Sampling


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