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October 2017 Minutes of the Dead Yeast Society

Tuesday October 3rd, 2017
Marcello’s Wine Market
Lafayette, Louisiana

Attendance (13)


  • Gene Nelson President
  • Jim Boudreaux Vice-President
  • Kent Roberts Treasurer
  • Tim Bernard Sergeant at Arms
  • Adrien Monteleone Secretary


  • Art Beatmann
  • Lawrence Cramer
  • Taylor Dorn
  • Ray Lear
  • David Noran
  • Jake Guillory – NEW!

Pre-Meeting Brew Sampling

  • Bearded Pelican (Tim): Double Hopped Pale Citra
  • Art: Belgian Strong
    [7% ABV]
    -This was a formerly infected batch that has been improving with age.
  • Art: Hefeweisen

6:05pm — Call to Order – Tim

6:05 — Update for German Fest – Jim B.

People Choice kegs will be tapped @ 10am
Followed by awards

6:10 — Bataille des Bières – Jim B.

Can take entries now on contest site
Judging commitments are verbal so far, no registrations
Jim Cox will pick up brews in Lake Charles & Baton Rouge
DYS paid for contest site and ReggieBeer entries
Scott Anderson volunteered to secure a food donation for lunch
Judging will be at the Green Room
Awards held at Cajun Brewing

6:16 — Treasurer’s Report – Kent

Balance: $4.475,17

6:17 — Library Presentation – Jim B.

Jim gave an overview of his planned library presentation to solicit feedback. Such presentations are part of our clubs outreach-educational efforts to the community.

Subject: Ale vs. Lager (with samples)
Top vs. Bottom fermenting, fermentation temps, fermentation time


  • can require a diacetyl rest to remove off flavors (butterscotch)
  • yeast remains active at lower temps to reduce byproducts
  • results are smooth & crisp


have fruity flavor from yeast


  • Kölsch – German Ale yeast but can ferment cold with lager like qualities
  • Abita Amber – technically a caramel Helles lager
  • Anchor Steam – uses lager yeast, but fermented at higher ale temps
  • Milk Stout – calls for Lactose which beer yeast will not ferment

6:40 — Adjourn

Post-meeting Brew Sampling: Oktoberfest

untapped links will be added soon

  • Samuel Adams
  • Yuengling
  • St. Arnolds
  • Bells
  • Sierra Nevada – Fest Bier (different style, closer to Helles)
  • Leinenkügel
  • Urban South
  • Späten
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